TiH christmas 2020
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Merry Christmas 2020

Always give without remembering. Always receive without forgetting. Brian Tracy This is how this year has been – January we celebrated a new year, February we celebrated Valentine’s Day and then bam…… chaos!  COVID exploded […]

postnatal depression
Creative non-fiction

My battle with postnatal depression

One woman’s turmoil as she battled postnatal depression. All too often our societies have been conditioned to think that postnatal depression is a make-believe tale for lazy mothers, or it doesn’t happen to us, or it’s a first world problem: it is not and any one, including fathers, can be victims where baby blues become a matter of life and death. […]

A rose for Kayla
Creative non-fiction

A Rose for Kayla – part 3

This is a 3-part story – fictionalised real events Part 1 Part 2 Life doesn’t stop with betrayal and treachery, it goes on with lessons. Sudha Ram Joshi Mark’s flat was immaculate.  Looking at the […]