Shopping without consent!!

I’ve been told repeatedly “Do not shop for me unless am there mum!”

Do I listen, no! I shop anyway. Recently I’ve come to really know her style and most of the items I buy are not returned or so I thought.

The other she decided she wanted a wardrobe clear-out so she can buy some summer clothes (the woes of growing children equals what fit last season won’t fit next season).  Normally when we do this, there’s a suitcase for ‘Kenya’ and a bag for charity and a bag for ‘bin’.

She diligently cleared her wardrobe, and being the good mum I am (smiley face), I decided to have a look just to be sure the ‘bin’ bag isn’t full of good clothes.  Shock horror! It was! Some with tags on…. that I had bought like months ago.

“What the hell is going on? Why are these clothes in this bag?” I asked in complete horror and dismay.

“They are ugly mum?” she replied in a super calm voice.

“Ugl….. What? I bought them ages ago and you said you liked them?” I shouted, it was no time to be calm.

“I didn’t” Even calmer voice.

Bewildered I demanded an explanation coz ‘I didn’t’ wasn’t cutting it.

“I didn’t want to hurt your feelings”

“What!” more shock horror and completely lost.

“If you didn’t like them, why didn’t you say? I could have returned them”

“Oh” Was all I got!

Still angry and shocked, I commanded they be put in the Kenya bag then. Unfortunately, I couldn’t force her to wear them and I would look like a complete ass if I wore them.

“Tiff or anyone won’t like them either”

I don’t know if I was angry because of my lost money or her answers or both or the fact that she was too calm.

“Just don’t shop for me mum unless I’m there to decide please. Ok? I still love you”

I was lost for words but lesson learnt. In future if I can’t resist buying, I will demand she wear it there and then; if she doesn’t then I will learn again but at least I will have the opportunity to return and get my money back!!

I miss when she was five and I could shop without her consent, I could dress her and she’d look great! When did I become this mum with no sense of style and out of pocket!!

Exasperated!!! She better not borrow my shoes!! Yeah same shoe size…….


  1. Nice one.Dont worry too much yet. I get asked why I don’t shop for them anymore, yet when I do its not worn.Oh and the shoe borrowing and makeup too really doesn’t go away, but dare you touch their stuff. Fun times.

  2. Couldn’t stop laughing!! Time you know your services are not needed only when it’s time to remove the wallet.
    Only bit is, it becomes reversible when you’re old and frail. She will chose them clothes for you.
    Hopefully you’ll wear them.

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