The art of renewing a Kenyan passport!!!

What I know for sure – renewing a Kenyan passport, as a Kenyan, is harder than getting your name on St Peter’s book at the pearly gates; it’s like getting the entry code to the freaking pentagon!!

My dear Kenyan government, have you such little or no belief in yourself that a Kenyan passport equals a mere booklet with people’s names, personal details and a picture and blank pages where random countries can stamp entries and exits for the fun of it? What the hell happened to the renewal process of Kenyan passports in London?

A few years ago, you could walk into the embassy with the expired passport (to be renewed), fee and photos, and walk out with a slip to return 6 weeks later for a brand new passport.  It was assumed, and rightly so, that since you had the initial expired passport in your possession, it meant you had provided all the details required to prove you were, infact, a Kenyan and not a Nigerian, a Cuban or a Martian: details that were enough to acquire the passport in the first instance.

Now, I hear, that no matter how old you are, to renew a passport, you have to provide ….. wait for it… the Kenyan ID (isn’t a Kenyan passport ID enough?). You also must provide a birth certificate (what?!… you know the one you provided to apply for the initial (now expired) passport); and worse still – you have to provide your parents’ ID… WTF!!!  Just imagine – an independent ass grown woman or man whose parents have probably already passed on (RIP), or most likely live zillions of miles away, being asked to provide their parents’ ID to prove they were born in Kenya, and therefore qualifies to be Kenyan!! The only people in the world who should be asked to provide their parents’ ID, (and this is bizarre even in a sane, developed world), are children under 18!!!

Why, you Kenyan government, insist on going backwards, undeveloped, undigitalised and in most cases insane and superbly unreasonable, is beyond me!  Why why why?  I really don’t understand and if you, my beloved readers, can enlighten me, I’d be grateful.

Why would anyone in their right mind asks an 18+ person for their parents’ ID? It’s mind boggling! What is this crazy obsession with IDs, Kenyan government? Have you zero belief in your system that a Kenyan passport is not ID enough? Most developed countries don’t even have IDs, a passport is proof enough of someone’s identity. Join the forward movement why don’t you!!!

And another seriously annoying – to renew the said passport – only another Kenyan can verify someone’s identity and confirm they are who they say they are.  What? Total madness and stupidity!! Just because someone is Kenyan doesn’t mean their friends are Kenyans! Just imagine that some of us abroad today, came here as young adults or teenagers: then decided to disassociate with other Kenyans (for reasons ranging from nothing to everything). Imagine someone who’s lived here (UK) close to 30 years, now imagine the only – ‘prominent, sound mind, of standing in a community and/or high profession’ etc etc people, (your list is long and unreasonable), they know or who know them are non-Kenyans, how is such person expected to renew their passport? Bear in mind too that are many Kenyans in the diaspora who don’t know anyone remotely possessing the skills you demand in your list of signatories – Kenyan or not.

For your info – the only reason most Kenyans still walk around with a Kenyan passport, is because they cannot afford the exorbitant prices the British government demands to switch over, or they can’t be bothered, wanajivunia……. well until they have to renew the freaking Kenyan passport.

And enough with this PIN nonsense…. human rights violation!!! Topic for another day.

Give us a fucking break!!

Just so you know the ‘prominent people’ in most Kenyans lists are doctors of Pakistan descent, lawyers of Nigerian descent, teachers and policemen of European descent, or defective Kenyans – and this is their choice because they live in a free world where no one should dictate who your prominents are.

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