Last working day before Xmas

What is it with people who walk so slowly? On a super cold dark day, (the last working day before Christmas break evidently), when all you want to do is get home, put the heating on full blast, have a very hot shower, wear comfy clothes and eat, you encounter these people on a narrow street. You see them from a mile away but as you gain ground on them, you hope they will move to the side to let you pass. They are strolling like it’s summer! It’s not – It’s winter, it’s drizzling, you know that annoying drizzle that comes from the sides and gets on your eyes! These people who don’t care about winter and its 4pm darkness. These people who don’t care about frozen fingers and toes, or numb face and hot ears. You’ll find these people mostly walk in pairs – talking and walking in slow motion. They never look cold – I guess the myth of walking fast to warm body is dead to them. Their teeth don’t chatter despite talking and laughing heartily taking in lungfuls of cold air. And just when you think things could not get any worse, they do – these people will unceremoniously and without a care in the world, stop walking at the exact moment you are right behind them. Unfortunately for you, you are on a get-me-home-now asteroid speed and there’s isn’t enough break and stop distance, so you collide. As your luck would have it one of the them would be carrying a heavy briefcase or oversize handbag packed with rocks. You will collide with this bag and the stopped talking duo will shout at you for not looking where you are going. The collision impact will make the bag holder drop it, where it will inevitably fall on your frozen toes. At this point you will want to wet yourself because the pain is insane; you will want to slap the bag holder, but your hands are frozen. The bag holder will mutter an insincere sorry, pick the bag up and continue the chitchat as if nothing happened. You will hobble out of there cursing the day these two were born. A few metres away you look back to see the duo continue their stroll in the same direction. You wonder out loud why they stopped in the first place. You breathe fire as you continue hobbling home and for the first time since daybreak, your body is warmed up.
Be mindful of others and any gaps.

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