A different kind of man

To his family Jared is the epitome of generosity. To his colleagues he is the poster boy for dedication. To his neighbours he is a role mode who obeys the law of the land. To strangers he is a considerate human being. To his friends, he is the go to guy in all matters. To his lovers he is selfless and attentive. In reality he is an incomplete loner who beds different women every weekend.

Once home from work, dinner is usually microwaved cook-from-frozen meal deals for one from Iceland, and marathon TV watching until bedtime. On Fridays however, dinner is steak with lots of vegetables and a bottle of Jack Daniels, shower and heading out. On the weekends there’s usually a beautiful woman prancing around the flat in her underwear; she doesn’t leave until the wee hours to keep neighbours out of the loop.

One Monday morning Jared looked jittery and dressed no different from an escaped lunatic. His colleagues were shocked when they saw him stroll in casually and announce he would be in the conference room. He was chairing a meeting that morning; as he sat there with glassy eyes staring into space he replayed the events of Friday night and wondered if there was something he could have done differently. The lady seemed normal. She saw him and winked at him. He winked back. He walked towards her and offered to buy her a drink. She agreed. He bought drinks the whole night for her. They looked like a perfect couple, no one would have guessed they met that very night and didn’t even know each other’s surnames.

Later he asked if she wanted to go back to his. She agreed by smiling seductively while tagging at his hand. They walked out of the club hand in hand, got in his car and drove the 5 miles journey to his flat. Once inside he offered her a drink. He poured them vodka with cranberry juice. She asked to use the bathroom and when she came out, she was skimply dressed and he liked that.

Things took a turn when they went into the bedroom: she asked him to hit her hard across the face. It was an odd request and downright insane. He asked why and before she answered “thwack” she slapped him. “I like a rough tumble,” she said as she punched him on the nose. He smelt blood and for a moment thought the woman was going to kill him. He was in total shock but decided he would defend himself if it came to that. She raised her fist again only this time he blocked it and punched back, a little too hard than he hoped, knocking her into oblivion. She fell backwards and stayed there. He was confused for a few seconds which felt like eternity. “I’m sorry I didn’t……” he realised with horror that she was not moving or breathing. He tried CPR but there was no life in her. He panicked and spent the next few hours falling in and out of consciousness from being drunk and in shock. By Sunday afternoon she was still slumped lifeless on his bed. There was no explaining this away, he thought, and a crazy idea crossed his mind – it was all he could do not to go bonkers.

As he walked to work on Monday morning he thought of several ways to dispose the body. Of several ways to explain to the police that it was an accident that went out of hand. Of several ways to explain to her family and/or his. Of several ways to lead a normal life hence forth. It was too late though – he’d already violated her in ways no one could write up. He surprised himself and more so because he enjoyed it. He wondered how her ribs would taste like. This was a side of him he didn’t know existed, these were the thoughts that occupied his mind all day long.

As the meeting concluded, Jared had made up his mind: he would dispose of the body. As a burly man he stood little chance of explaining the incident away to anyone, he thought. That evening when he got home, there was a slight odour. He came prepared though; he burned incense, blared the jukebox and got to work. It was the first time his neighbours thought of him as inconsiderate, but decided to give him a second chance. He must have a good reason to play loud gospel music on a Monday evening, they thought and went about their business.

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