We are back!

In the last few weeks, as so many of you have noticed, we’ve been offline.  This is due to a culmination of several web related shenanigans that I won’t bore you with. And Things I hear is back – stronger, better and fabulous – to regular Tuesday posting. Your one stop hub for inspirational life stories and fun satire.

Most importantly I want to thank you – those that emailed, texted and the really stalky ones [you know yourselves] who called, for your care and concern.  Your support and care only intensified my desire to make this the home of inspirational life stories, fun satires and one to ones with you.

We will be back to our regular Tuesday post but today’s post, as well as a thank you, is to test if all is back in good working order.

Please let me know if you encounter any problems sharing on social media or anything else.

If you have any stories or cultural issues you feel need addressing please email me.

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  1. Riitho

    I look forward to read through the stories, ” they say a break is as good as a rest “


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