Whose idea was this getup?

Fashion fail or morality violation

I don’t, normally, discuss fashion [maybe I should], but some items of clothing out there are so much ‘what the hell is that monstrosity’ that it’s hard and painful to ignore.  Take for example this getup trending on social media for the last several weeks.

Not only does it cost a whopping £235 – enough to put a deposit for a plot in some obscure location in Kenya, but it looks like the perfect recipe for yeast infection.  This denim panty/ies (dubbed janties…… #thingsihear) hurts my eyes just looking at it: at first, I hoped, against all odds, that it was all fake news, then I googled it – it’s not only real but it’s also sold out. There is a high probability that I will run into someone wearing it in the summer. 

I come from a village where the villagers are just now accepting baggy jeans from the 80s.  They haven’t even adjusted to the idea of ripped jeans (why would anyone wear tattered clothes on purpose) and second-skin jeans (you might as well paint your legs blue) – to pounce this on them would be a gross injustice.  I can bet my last penny if janties show up in my village Jesus will surely get a phone call…. “hello Yesu, please come down here now – it’s an emergency!”

I wonder though who pitched the idea of this getup and how the discussion might have gone in the boardroom?  Maybe it was wind up that backfired? Although I’m not a designer, and some may question whether I can differentiate fashion fails from wins, but I know when fashion violates the morality clause. This getup is without a doubt the worst thing I’ve ever seen…. and I have seen a lot!!

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