Encounters of divine nature

“There is a divine purpose behind everything – and therefore a divine presence in everything.” Neale Donald Walsch     

I just had to write about this.

The other day I was having dinner with a friend in a swanky restaurant somewhere between Guy’s hospital and the iconic Shard.  It was in one of these gentrified type restaurants where they don’t serve chips or any carbohydrates for that matter – arghhh the worst.  However, we did have a great time catching up, eating several plates of prawns and rabbit food, and drinking classic cocktails.

The restaurant setting is such that people on the table next to yours can literally hear your thoughts. I guess that’s what being gentrified is all about.

A lovely couple sat next to us; they looked young, upper class and divine.  The lady, let’s call her J, had expensive looking sunglasses on her head – you know the way most people wear them after spending the day in the sun and can’t be bothered to put them in their cases and tack them way in the handbag.  I, particularly, am not fond of this style/habit because my hair is always greasy from the latest product innovation to make hair grow or whatever, and I hate the smudges left on the glasses afterwards.

At some point during the course of the evening, J decided to go to the bathroom.  As she prepared herself to squeeze through the tiny spaces between tables, her Gucci sunglasses fell off her head and landed near my feet.  She let out a little scream – that’s how expensive the glasses were.  As a good citizen of planet earth, my first instinct was to pick them up for her.  As I bent down, she too bent down…… and wham!  Our heads banged together ….. hard – I saw the proverbial stars and I guess she did too.

Long story short, we had a great laugh about it.  The glasses were safe, phew, but our heads zzzed for a little bit longer.

When she came back from the bathroom, we engaged me in some talk – I don’t want to say small talk, which it essentially was, because it was actually a very productive exchange. 

She asked me what I did for a living – nowadays this is awkward for me because I no longer have the ‘I work in the NHS’ halo and armour around me.  Anyway, I told her what I did and gave her one of my many flyers I carry with me.  She told what she did, and it was impressive.  Few hours later we left, and I bid her ‘goodbye’ and ‘it was nice to meet you’ pleasantries.

Two days later, I was looking through my junk mail – something I never do.  Whenever I open the junk folder it is to delete stuff, or if someone said that they sent me an email which I couldn’t find in the inbox – chances are it would be in the junk.  Anyway, on this day I opened the junk folder for no reason whatsoever, I just felt the need to open it.

And then I saw it – an email – subject line – Hi Estar – from your newly acquired friend J.  I opened it with mixed feelings – anticipation and apprehension.  And therein was something I’d been praying for and googling like mad on how to go about it.  The email read,  ……. I checked out your blog and loved it.  Here’s a link to something you might find useful……. God is real.

Well for me that was prayers answered….. watch this space my good people.  I will not put details of the link here…….. just yet.

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