Afrocide – a modern day tragedy

Mahatma Gandhi said an eye for eye makes the whole world blind. Few centuries before MG, Confucius warned, before you embark on a journey of revenge, be sure to dig two graves. Think about that for a moment.

Without a doubt, this is one of the hardest posts I’ve ever had to write, but I had to.  I write in solidarity with others who want peace, and an end to this barbaric acts Africans killing fellow Africans #afrocide. Happening now in South Africa.

Although all the videos I’ve seen are circulating on social media, most likely for eternity, I won’t post any or give credit to them.

Once upon a time in the not so distant past, a Nigerian man in South Africa hailed a cab.  The cab driver recognised him as one of the many drug dealers in the area.

“*Why do you peddle that gunk to the youth?” he asked him in obvious contempt.

The Nigerian lost it.  He left the cab, gathered a few of his fellow Nigerians and came back to the waiting taxi.  They beat the driver to a pulp, well to death**.  And therein sparked what looks like the next world war.

And this is one of many reasons or explanations congesting the web as to how, or why we are witnessing the worst Afrocide ever.  Some native South Africans are obliterating all and anyone of African descent not born in South Africa.  Among their reasons – drug dealing, prostitution, fraud, economic decline, business monetisation, over population, robbery, rape, and any negative impact that immigration to their beloved country may have brought. 

Most of the anger is geared towards the Nigerians, followed closely by Zimbabwe, Kenyans and Zambia – I don’t know why.  However, there are no justifiable reasons in this life or the next to take a life.

This madness has given rise to many creative memes on the internet, as you’d expect, but none of it is funny when people are getting killed in some of the most horrific ways imaginable.  I’ve seen countless videos of the crimes – it not only saddens, disappoints, frightens and scares me, but it worries me deeply for the future: and I’m sure most people are.  Could this spark a mightier war than we’ve seen/heard in the little time humans have populated this planet?  I ask this because in Nigeria now, retaliation is in full swing: South African businesses are being looted and burned to the ground.  Someone was quoted as saying, “*if the president doesn’t do anything, we the people will avenge the blood of our brothers…”

The most regrettable and unfortunate thing is that some, (well…., I’ve seen video of one), leaders have been filmed inciting hatred and bloodshed.  Questions such as ‘*how can foreigners occupy/make 80% of the population in certain areas’ seems to be the main argument to justify the violent acts. Is obliterating foreigners the way forward? Is there any evidence in history to show that ‘chasing away’ foreigners have improved the economy or industrialisation of a nation? If anything, research shows immigration has improved many aspects of life in most parts of the world.

These are difficulty times when the people expected to inspire the youth, are throwing impossible questions at them in a bid to make them angry and vengeful.  The anger and vengeance breeds hatred which breeds unthinkable acts of violence. There are democratic civil ways of making people feel unwanted in a country e.g. Brexit, threatening to build walls, tightening visa requirements, scary armed police at borders, random home visits, random tax return requests, random anything creative etc.  Killing people who may or may not have done atrocities to your country is never the answer. 

This is not unique to South Africa: over the years there has been unprecedented cases of genocide within countries where people massacre each other because they belong to the wrong tribe, or race, or gender, or sexual orientation, or whatever. I believe humans are definitely on God’s last nerve, and unless something is done to eradicate this modern day disease, He might just rain fire on us….., or worse.

No one is perfect and there are many cases of foreigners having a negative impact on a country. However, I’d like to think that is a minority, the majority are positive progressives who want more than anything to better themselves and others.  For every drug dealer, fraudster, or criminal from one country there are 100 law abiding citizens from the same country who create opportunities and wealth for others.  Is it right to punish the sins of a few on many? Has anyone got the right to play God?

Then the mother of all videos showed up in my inbox.  A guy who has a difficult name that is ungooglable promised more bloodshed.  He had the second foulest mouth I’ve ever heard – first was Pastor Ng’ang’a, but at least he didn’t promise to set anyone on fire or decapitate them!  The man in the video said the most foul things, all because of a video that was allegedly posted by a Gambian.  He looked wild as he rambled on about how much he hated the foreigners in his country: he expressed disgust as he called every Gambian on the planet ‘primitive ignorant stupid people’. 

As far as this guy was concerned, the only safe people from his murderous rage and thirst for blood are Ugandans because they ‘provide juju’ and stuff like that: however, speculation is that Ugandans are safe because they don’t pose much threat (businesswise) like Kenyans or Nigerians (the things I hear!). Is it remotely possible that such a person be rounded up and arrested before inciting the next wave of bloodshed?  Are there ways the government could get hold of such materials before it populates the web?  Who was filming him? What was s/he feeling and/or thinking?  Did s/he consider sending a copy to the police?  Was s/he scared that a friend might be in imminent danger? Did s/he feel powerless to stop this inciteful maniac?

I’m not political – it gives me headaches – be that as it may some things I hear need to be immortalised, if only to show support and condemn these acts, and/or raise awareness. 

Mandela and Biko are most likely turning in their graves when they see how the children they fought so hard for are behaving, like savages all day long.  The two men and many many more lost blood, sweat, freedom and life to ensure freedom for future generations, and this is how they show gratitude.  Some of these perpetrators look very young – most likely born after 1994, and therefore all they know about the struggle for independence for the country they are supposedly protecting, is what they read in books.  However, that does not give them a licence to kill. 

There are lots of painful things to watch and hear, still time and time again some leaders in Africa, (Kenya too), take advantage of vulnerable youth – instead of helping them to be progressive, they brainwash them into believing that all their woes have been caused by someone else: the results – we see neighbour turn on neighbour, friend on friend.  Whatever beast these leaders are feeding must be full by now.  Instead of these leaders promoting unity, progression, and elevation of one another they fill the youth with insane ideas of how foreigners or newcomers came to take their land, women, jobs and businesses.  It’s one of the saddest things in modern day history.

In my beloved Kenya, Somalis roam the streets as freely as any Kenyan, and not all are innocent peace loving people; Rwandese love Kenya because Kenya gave them shelter when shit hit the fan in their motherland, but not all are clean and straight; Nigerians, (men esp), have corrupted nearly all living human females over the age of 18, and not all are honest businessmen or men of God. In general though, you will not find Kenyans wasting time beating or plotting to obliterate them: because for every corrupt foreigner there are probably 5 Kenyans doing it worse. (It’s a different matter during elections – stories for another day). What Kenyans do, is look for ways to be better than their competitors (foreign or not) in all aspects of life – including corruption and fraud.  Just saying.

Only a fool thinks his collective misery is the fault of another being.

Only a fool thinks making someone feel inferior somehow elevates them.

No to xenophobia

No to Afrophobia

No to Afrocide

No to murder

NB: * these have been paraphrased but pretty much the gist of what was said.

** unverified source

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