The day I disinfected my whole house.


One day a plumber came to our building to investigate a putrid smell that was filling the hallways and our flats.  I was the only tenant on site so I had to let him in and ‘offer’ cups of tea while he worked at the drains that converge at the back of our block.


When he was finished, he asked if he could use my bathroom. I agreed of course; he had to wash his hands, warm them up and probably spend a penny too!


He was there for all of 30 minutes!!! The foul smell was coming back again, but more defined and from closer proximity!!  What the …. finally, I heard the flash and he came out looking red in the face. When the door flung open the stench nearly knocked me out cold. What had he eaten?


I opened all doors and windows (it took 5 hours heating to warm the house again!!) I must have flushed that toilet 300 times after he left. 10 bottles of bleach and 2 cans of lavender wicks spray later and I could spend a penny in my own toilet.


Word to the wise, never allow a tradesperson to use your bathroom.


I also realise I have issues with bad smells…. It’s my mental illness!