Watch this space

Those of us who uprooted ourselves and changed the course of our lives forever; watch this space. Those of us who travelled miles by air or by sea and left home to work and study and to make it in the land of milk and honey. Those of us whose memories of our loved ones fade by day and those of us whose only coping mechanism is burying those memories in the abyss of our troubled minds.Those of us who have lost loved ones and couldn’t travel to say goodbye for whatever reasons. Those of us who have been crippled by debt trying to build a future abroad in the motherland. Those of us who tried to make a home in the diaspora but have been let down by people and the system. Those of us who had to endure unspeakable realities to gain citizenship in countries that have clearly shown they don’t want us. Those of us who have raised families, the ones who know real love and the ones who haven’t raised families but know real love even from a distance or silence.For those who miss home but can’t afford to go (for lack of money or lack of other things), with home always at the back of their minds: thinking of their loved ones while keeping their sanity afloat with virtual realities.Those of us who long to go back but have made peace with being here; those who the very taste, smell, sounds and feel of home is so threadbare they’ve lost all hope.Those of us who are surrounded by people but are lonely. Those of us who live in beautiful houses but are homeless. Those of us who are always speaking but are voiceless. Those of us who are well known but have lost our identity. Those of us who are sensitive but are labelled as weak.We have triumphed. We have failed. We have lived in fear. We have laughed. We have cried. We have learned. We have loved and been loved. We have despised and been despised. We have faced discrimination but soldier on.AndWe have learned so much – patience and resilience, courage and bravery in the face of evil and contempt.This is our time…. Watch this spaceFeelangaa free to add a stanza!***For more like this…. Join the tribeLike us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterFollow us on Instagram


  1. I resonate with this and cannot wait to read the continuous article/s. It opens my thoughts to what not only I but many others like me feel/suffer and go through trying to live and be happy in an environment where we are not encouraged to feel equal and where structural discrimination-mostly based on race-is denied but is very rampant.

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