Sometimes you need a beautiful quiet place – alone in isolation, to figure out everything. That beautiful place is your home. Stay there. Be safe.


There is a very sombre meme circulating the web currently, it says: “during quarantine, it is considered normal to talk to your walls, plants, pets and pots.  Kindly contact us ONLY if they reply.” Apparently, this is from the Psychiatric Association.  Majority of the population will laugh at this ‘joke’, but this is not funny at all if you have mental health issues

I heard of a person who was convinced that their blood contained antibodies capable of eliminating the coronavirus.  This person was so adamant in their belief that they hounded their doctor day and night to get tested.  The doctor, aware that the person was ill and no amount of reassurance that their blood contained no such antibodies, had no choice but to order a blood test.  The tests came back ‘negative’ – the only reasonable way to appease the person and stop them from draining their blood for research.  This is the very epitome of delusional thoughts

So apart from your plants, pots and pets having conversations with you, watch out for your thoughts too.  Tell someone if your mind becomes plagued with outlandish ideations and/or beliefs.  Tell someone if you start seeing things that other people can’t see.  Bizarrely, smell and taste might be altered too if your mind is fractured, but research says this is rare.  However, if you smell the blood of aliens in your urine or taste gastric juices in your fruits, then yes, consider contacting the psychiatrist association in your country. 

And whatever you do, DO NOT let anyone occupy your headspace rent-free – most people are not worth it, even in these times of isolation.  If there was a time to be selfish as far as mental health was concerned, it is now.  No one said being in isolation would be easy but do not allow others to complicate it.  Your other relationships are complicated enough.

Things I’ve learnt in isolationship

First, foremost and always – be grateful for life and your health.  Be grateful for family and good friends.    

Being in isolation can also mean it’s time to reflect, reassess, re-strategise and regroup.  The universe is probably teaching earthlings a lesson – you are not in control as much as you have grown to think.  Stop for a minute and reassess the damage you’ve caused your blue planet and how it’s impacted on your health – physical and mental.  Humanity is being taught that we actually are one and the same – different colours same people – the virus doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, black or white, young or old, male or female, civilised or not.  Animals didn’t and don’t spread the virus, people do and maybe, in the same way, we can spread love, kindness, compassion and care. 

The one major thing I’ve realised with complete certainty is that tomorrow is not mine to worry about.  Worrying about the future only breeds fear and there’s no reason to be afraid of the unknown.  In times like these, it is best (not easy), but best to accept the situation as it is, and that planning is futile.  There’s nothing wrong with having hope and keeping faith that things will work out and plans will map out but worrying about anything is useless. 

For many, the threat of losing a job or a business crumbling are as real as it gets.  Family dynamics are being tested to breaking point especially those vulnerable to domestic violence.  Scary headlines are already saturating the web: “Britain’s first quarantine murders: husband, 69, is charged with killing wife 67 during lockdown – while NHS nurse mother of three 31 is stabbed to death in the street as police arrest her ex-husband!”  I agree this headline is a bit sensationalised, but the message is clear.  Being quarantined with people who drive you mad will lead to early deaths.  And killing a nurse at this time is like killing a thousand lifelines.  A befitting penance would be ‘feed him to the virus’ and save us all. 

I’ve also noticed a surge in bible verses on social media which predicted these trying times.  That comes coupled up with people turning to prayer because let’s face it, this is the only thing that will save mankind.  A collective belief in a higher power.  A power bigger than feeble humans who, let’s face it, invented this virus or brought it to life by doing ungodly things like eating raw animals or whatever patient zero ingested.

There’s also no stopping the creative minds out there changing song lyrics to suit this fucked up situation.  It’s entertaining and enlightening, and certainly food for thought. Being in isolation can certainly bring out the creativity in all of us.

In these trying times, the only thing we can do is be humbled and appreciate life in all its glory.

Take time to rest mind, body and spirit and recharge.  Make the most out of these times by touching base with loved ones.

I am a natural home buddy, but I always looked forward to the weekends to hang out with friends – dinner, club or coffee.  Just the other day I bumped into a friend at a supermarket and felt like I just met Jesus.  Since we couldn’t shake hands let alone hug, we talked albeit 6 feet apart – and ripped out in laughter the only way we know how – like Africans on speed or crack.  Fun times.

Keep safe and stay at home.


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