TiH happy new year
Happy new year from Things I hear

No one can go back and change the shit storm that was 2020, so work on the present, show gratitude and let lessons learnt take effect.


Happy New Year 2021 dear TiH tribe.  Thank you for your continued support and custom. This is the year of abundance in health and wealth.

Despite the year we’ve had I am sure each person has learnt something about some things. 

For me, the biggest lesson has been on relationships.

Things I’ve learnt about relationships: –

  • Some relationships are meant to be seasonal and that’s ok
  • People will grow together and apart and sometimes being apart makes the relationship more special and healthier
  • Beauty can be found in every type of relationship
  • Outgrowing a relationship is not criminal, it is growth and it doesn’t mean things will be messy and chaotic, it can be peaceful
  • Just because one person decides to hurt you, doesn’t mean anyone else will do the same
  • It is therapeutic to mourn the end of a relationship; it is a good way to heal
  • Deciding to end a relationship doesn’t make you evil, some people are only lovable from a distance
  • Expecting equality in a relationship is healthy because balance is important, give as much as you receive
  • Love is infinite and can never be depleted, so love like you’ve never been hurt
  • Loving someone doesn’t mean leaving yourself behind or selling pieces of your soul
  • Everyone deserves healthy relationships, don’t sell yourself short
  • Social distancing is great for filtering out useless relationships – many people you may have considered dear friends were merely aggrandised acquaintances
  • Fear is dangerous, replace it with faith
  • Being friendly to someone is not the same as being friends with someone
  • Family does not always mean friends
  • Define your boundaries unapologetically, eventually people will respect you for it
  • Compromising does not undermine your values or beliefs; it shows you can respect people and be willing to agree to disagree.

I declare this year the year of breakthroughs and abundance





Be kind always

Be humble for always


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