My shero
a (s)hero is any person really intent on making this (world) a better place for (someone) all people.

My dear shero  

To everyone else you are an ordinary woman, to me, you are an ordinary woman doing extraordinary things for me and for women and men the world over.  Because of your humility, you might be wondering why I would consider you my shero: I do because an inspirational woman, Maya Angelou, once said, a (s)hero is any person really intent on making this (world) a better place for (someone) all people.  You are that definition in my books.

Thank you.  This may sound insignificantly small to say to someone who has hugely impacted my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined, but I will say it anyway, thank you.

You are generous to a fault in every aspect of life.  Your humility puts most of us to shame and that’s why I won’t write your name in this post, but you remain an uncelebrated shero, but a shero nevertheless.  Your mental fortitude and natural patience are an inspiration to many and has taught me that with such qualities you can conquer anything.  Your smile brightens every dull situation.

I live by your affirmations every day and have discovered a strength in me I didn’t know existed, you taught me that, thank you.  I am strong, I am powerful, I am beautiful, I am worthy, and I approve of myself.  You stepped up in my crisis when everyone else backed down.  Thank you.

To many you may be an everyday woman – wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend but to me you are the true definition of a shero: my motivator, my inspiration.  The world is lucky to have someone like you.  One day I will write at length about you.  For now, I just want to say thank you.

A shero doesn’t have to have the ability to fly and save scared children and women from burning buildings, however, I know you would if you could.  I also know you have saved many from metaphorical fires and made the world a better place for them, I am one of them – thank you.  If the moon was a holiday destination, you would have gone there 50 times over with the money you’ve spent on other people: however, I know like I know that given the choice you would still choose to spend the money on the people, the moon can wait – thank you.  It is not just money, you shared vision, wisdom, encouragement, love and laughter, thank you.

You ignited that dying fire within me and since then I am living my life and following my passion.  I used to think the sky was the limit, but you motivated me to believe there are no limits only possibilities, there is always a further step to take and that life obstacles are simply steppingstones into greatness, thank you.

It is a well-known fact that life does get hard and frustrating and sometimes the easiest human thing to do is give up.  You teach by example and I have seen life knock you down a million times, but you never give up.  I’ve have seen you in bad and tricky situations but somehow you find beauty in everyday things and a reason to keep going.  This is the one lesson you’ve taught me that I will teach my generation – never give up.  Your ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ is not just a phrase but a motto, so thank you.

As I mentioned earlier, you are generous to a fault.  In a world full of selfish impatient Neanderthals, I have seen you give and give.  You are not only generous financially, you are generous in patience, understanding, fairness and forgiveness.  You never kick anyone to the kerb even when they deserve it.  You have taught me how to be understanding through patience and selflessness, thank you.  And when ‘being human’ catches up with you, I’ve seen you exercise incredible self-control, a quality that shines so bright even young children can see it.  Thank you for this lesson.

You are the strongest person I know.  You are independent without being condescending.  You are brave and courageous and have taken battles that sometimes don’t even belong to you – it’s your generosity-of-spirit nature and forgiving spirit.

I am a better person because of you.  I know there is a lot more I and other people can say about you, but you would rather we don’t. 

Heroes and sheroes are trustworthy, strong and compassionate people that save lives.  You, my shero, saved mine and continue to save countless others even when you and they, don’t realise.  Today as I thank you, I’m sending you love and heartfelt gratitude.  Keep shining.

Yours in sincere gratitude


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