Mental health Challenges

Mental Health Challenges

These are challenges you can adopt for the benefit of your mental health. These are merely suggestions but have been researched and can be reshuffled.

Day 1 – Self-acceptance

Self-acceptance is about taking the rough with the smooth i.e., embracing every part of you. Practising self-acceptance helps you realise all your qualities – good or bad, and ease any feelings of guilt, inadequacy, and unhappiness. When we begin to accept ourselves as we are, and give gratitude for what we have, we set ourselves up for fulfilment and happiness. When we practice self-acceptance, we uncover hidden talents we may have overlooked when envying other people’s. At some point in our lives, we all wish we had something someone else has – from the mundane to the real stuff – their lucrative businesses, their flawless skin, their wonderful children, their beautiful homes etc. It is important to recognise and accept who you are, what you are and what you are good at, but focus on what you can do well. This not only improves your mental well-being but makes practising gratitude meaningful and truthful.

The more you accept yourself the more you have compassion for yourself and the more you will have compassion for others.

Day 2 – changing habits

Studies have shown that eliminating bad habits and adopting healthy ones is associated with reduced stress, lower anxiety and depression levels. Let this month be the month of growth mindset, determined focus and refreshed intentions.

We are in the last month of 2021, 2022 looms and I hear most of us are still processing 2020, happy days – it shall be well.

Week 1 – Adopt TiH’s 3/10 rule

This rule was modelled on the famous Warren Buffet’s 5/25 rule where you list 25 goals (career/business), pick the top 5 and discard the 20 least important because too many goals can blur your vision.*TiH’s 3/10 rule* is similar – list 10 habits you know you need to change/eliminate/modify to improve your mental wellbeing. Choose the 3 most important, the ones that resonate most with you and focus all your efforts and energy on them.