How to Optimise your mental health

Daily gratitude prompts….

The practice of expressing gratitude increases resilience, enhances emotional regulation, boosts feelings of happiness and positivity, fosters hope for the future, reduces stress and burnout, and improves sleep quality.

The following are suggestions of things you can be grateful for, which doesn’t have to be in this order. You can practice 30 days or 21-day gratitude challenge and see how it changes your perception.

Day 1 –

Today, I am grateful for my courage.


Courage to remove myself from situations that are not good for me.

Courage to know the love I give equals the love I deserve.

Courage to speak the truth even when I know some people won’t stick around.

Courage to pursue my dreams and trust what is meant for me will not pass me by.

Courage to let go of what I cannot change.

Courage to realise I don’t have an answer for everything.

Courage to trust my intuition over my reasoning mind.

Courage to never give up.

Courage to take risks because I know when I win I will be happy, but if I lose I will be wiser.

Courage to find gratitude in every situation no matter how desperate a situation.

Day 2 –

Today, I am grateful for the present moment.


I am grateful for the present moment because I’ve learnt that dwelling on the past evokes feelings of guilt, revives traumas, conjures ill feelings towards past mistakes and hurts, and takes away my joy.

I am grateful for the present moment because I’ve learnt that ruminating about the future compounds insecurities, fuels fears, brings distractions, distorts expectations and undermines hope.

I am grateful for the present moment because grounding myself in the present moment gives me clarity of thoughts, peace of mind, appreciation and understanding of body and spirit, and appreciation of the stillness of the world around me. 

Thich Nhat Hanh said, “Handling the present moment with all your attention and all your intelligence is already building a future.”

Take a moment to be in the present by quieting the noise.

Day 3 –

Today I am grateful for books. Books play an essential role in our lives by fuelling our imagination and providing knowledge about the world. I love books, from fiction to educational to self-help because they are full of wisdom, joy, knowledge, and entertainment.

Books have the capability to transform lives, offer solutions to situations and put a new perspective on things. Books will transport you to places you’ve never been, including outer space, introduce you to people you’ve never met and teach you something you never knew.

Books are great when you need to escape from reality even if it’s for a few minutes; sometimes, a little reading is all the therapy you need.