Educate, inspire, empower and transform lives by lifting the lid on societal, cultural and mental health issues through storytelling.

Things I Hear’s main focus and purpose is to provide thought provoking content and stories to stimulate the mind and enhance mental wellbeing.  We aim to educate, inspire, empower and transform lives through storytelling and practical tips. We tell stories that not only question some cultural practices but raise awareness of taboo on social issues; stories to inspire social change; stories to entertain; stories for self-improvement and self-development; stories to debunk myths surrounding mental health; stories to help improve attitudes and behaviours towards mental health. Our stories are told through the experiences of real people (creative non-fiction), or fictional characters with real issues to enhance self-awareness and development, and promote self-efficacy.

Things I Hear strives to strengthen society’s decidedness and resolve, to make the much-needed change in the world.  The guiding principle for these stories is to evoke debate and thoughtful discussion where someone might read a story and relate to it, be inspired to be the much-needed change in the world, engage and encourage dialogue and most importantly be entertained.

Things I Hear also catalogues, humorously, the trials and tribulations of life as Kenyans/Africans in Britain (KenBrits) and/or Afrobrits.

Disclaimer: Most of the stories are fictional.  All the issues are real.  Any semblance to real life is purely coincidental and not intentional. Most of the stories are in my own voice have been told that way to ensure anonymity, protect privacy and maintain confidentiality.

PLEASE NOTE: This website contains affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, you won’t pay a penny more, but TiH will get a small commission that helps support this website and keep the content free. Thanks!


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