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They say, there's no health without mental health, to this I add, there's no mental health without self-care.

They say, there’s no health without mental health, to this I add, there’s no mental health without self-care. Therefore, in honour of mental health day, I’m offering TiH tribe, friends and family a free ebook on self care.

Talking of mental health, today I share a bit of my story. I haven’t shared my story publicly, but part of healing is in telling the story.
I’ve had my fair share of life’s ups and downs – homelessness, divorce, debt and unfulfilling relationships.  I know firsthand the turmoils and uncertainty of being through so much: the constant worry and overthinking, the darkness and hopelessness, and then the depression.  I questioned God and was filled with regrets – what ifs, should have, could have etc.
In 2014, I was homeless and jobless.  In 2016, things started to look promising – I got a great job and a nice place to live.  However, my otherwise promising and idyllic career became a living nightmare.  My personal relationships took a downward spiral into the abyss.  That was when the depression hit like a ton of bricks.  I never thought anyone could feel so bad, so hopeless, so helpless, so sad, so defeated, so confused.  Despite my theoretical knowledge on depression and access to world-class research, I could not raise myself from it.  So, I let it run my life for a few months – I lived on a hopeless loop from bed to kitchen to toilet to sofa and back to bed.
Luckily my employer provided resources in the form of CBT to help me deal with the depression, but I felt like something was missing.  I felt that CBT, though good and helpful, was not developed with people like me in mind.  I made it my mission to find out what was missing, and I found it.
One day, out of sheer despair and frustration, I googled ‘how to pray’, I thought maybe I wasn’t praying properly and God had abandoned me.  It was then I stumbled into what became the blueprint for living a life free of anxiety, depression and excessive stress.     Albert Einstein once said, problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness or consciousness that created them.  I had to raise my awareness through metaphysics training and practical exercises.
Over the last few years, as I raised mental health awareness in my community through storytelling, I studied metaphysics to unlock the missing ingredient in the current psychological techniques and tools used to treat various mental health problems.  Armed with my existing knowledge in psychology and research skills, I mastered and developed a blueprint to create a therapeutic online program that will benefit anyone who suffers from anxiety, excessive stress and/or depression (it can also be adapted for substance misuse and/or addictions).  In fact, it will work for anyone who wants to optimise their mental health and well-being.
Along the way, I also developed mini blueprints for holistic living and optimal mental health and well-being, e.g., the ultimate guide to self-care (offered free with this post), coping strategies to combat stress etc.
If you’d like a copy and wish to stay in the loop on the launch of this sensational therapeutic program, sign up today.  You can also tell a friend, a colleague or a family member who you think will benefit.
This therapeutic online program promises to transform your life for the better by uncovering your fundamental nature by means of greater understanding and awareness to restore or strengthen balance to mind, body and spirit. 
Happy mental health day, have a great week ahead and look after yourself.

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